After many years of playing cover songs, Gerard (guitar) decided to form a band of his own with Christian (drums) and Gilles (guitar) in 2000. By the year 2001, Didier (bass) joined, followed by Mike (vocal and flute). It took some months to get these members who had years of experience in other bands. Thus the Heavy And Loud was born.

Located in Metz, France, that is only 20 km away from the German border, the band often gives gigs in Germany, where their popularity has been growing. The band also took part in a local church fund-raising to help a blind girl in the United States.

Gilles left the band last summer due to his personal and financial problems, and the band continued to play with 4 members. Christian was no longer able to play with them after having a back surgery and also due to his personal problems. Just recently the band welcomed Michel Fox as a new drummer and the band is now ready to move forward.

One of their performance they gave was the Castle Rock Festival at turnplatz-Kirkel, Germany on May 27th, 2006. The band is also scheduled to appear at a charity concert on July 1st , to help a 16 year old boy, who was involved in a tragic accident and left paralyzed.

Gerard and his family went to Uli Jon Roth’s (ex Scorpions) concert in Belgium in November, 2006. After meeting and talking with Gerard, Uli talked to the owner of “Sprit of 66” and told him to give Heavy And Loud a chance to play there. Thanks to Uli’s help. Their latest shows include the Metal Night Festival which took place in January, 2008 at the Spirit of 66. They played with a German band Messenger (our great friends), French band Deafening Silence and Belgian band Trouble Agency.

Finaly, Heavy And Loud decided to start the recording of their debut album in March... .

See ya soon...